Employee management, Swift Recruitment Process

We provide a seamless and efficient way to manage all HR functions and free up valuable time for your business through our HR tech solution.

Our easy-to-use software is designed to ease recruitment, track attendance, manage performance and payroll with precision, while facilitating smooth and effective communication among your staff.


Employee Analytics

Real Time Metrics

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Payroll Redefined

Our timely payroll services is designed to streamline payroll processing, ensuring accurate, statutory deductions & hassle-free payroll experience. Our flexible payment processing technology eliminates bank network delays.

Access unlimited business growth and success through our HR tech and Payroll software. Skyrocket your teams:

Prompt Salary Payment

Payroll Report

Employee Self Service

Our self-service dashboard empowers employees to handle personal info, time off requests, salary advances, & department/location transfers. With less admin work, employees can prioritize daily tasks and boost productivity.

Leave Management


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Best Services Grow Your
Business Value

Globally actualize cost effective with resource maximizing leadership skills.

Automated Reports

Synergistically pursue accurate initiatives without economically imperatives.

Included with...

  • Payroll
  • Leave
  • Attendance
  • Expense Vs Income
  • Timesheet
  • Recruitment


Geo-location tech simplifies attendance tracking for both remote & office employees by verifying their location.

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Performace Appraisal

Our Performance Management System allows organizations/HR professionals to set goals, progress & provide timely feedback

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Applicant Tracking

This helps in automating and streamlining many of the manual tasks associated with hiring, such as posting job openings.

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Swift Onboarding

This features on our software helps to reduce on-boarding time by helping new employees understand the company culture.

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We Follow Our Work Process

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Uniquely pursue compelling
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Uniquely pursue compelling
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Uniquely pursue compelling
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Uniquely pursue compelling
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